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12-Step Self-Help Meeting Reflection

November 30, 2022 0 Comments

12-Step Self-Help Meeting Reflection
• What did you learn visiting a 12-step self-help meeting?
• How have your thoughts or feelings about addiction changed during this course?
Now that you have completed your experiential learning opportunity, share your experiences with your discussion group. From your experience, what did you learn about addiction, what concepts from class did you see applied, how did this experience affect your thinking on addiction? Consider what you have learned in this course and how it might apply in your future career. What things will you take with you? How has this experience influenced your thoughts on addiction? Think about what you’ve learned in this course and how it might apply to your future career. What will you bring with you?
• Describe your experience at a 12-step self-help meeting.
o Describe how the meeting was facilitated in an online or in-person format.
o Describe the attendees and how they interacted with each other.
o What did you find interesting or surprising during the session?
o What etiological addiction model did this group adopt?
o What concepts from this course did you see applied in this meeting?
o Discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic might affect treatment attendance, maintenance and relapse among those with substance use disorders.
• Discuss how your thoughts or feelings about addiction have changed during this course, if at all.
• What have you learned in this course? Will what you learned in this course help you in your career or performing your job? In what ways?
• Your initial post should be at least 450 words.

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