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Race – The Power of an Illusion

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Please view the film, “Race – The Power of an Illusion (Part 1: The Difference Between Us)” through the link in the Week 8 module and read Chapter 6: “African American Athletes and Activism: Everybody has a Part to Play” by Moore. Respond to the questions listed on the separate document for the film (separate for ease of printing and following along as you view the film) and the questions listed below for Moore’s chapter and submit your responses to the folder prior to the deadline.

Moore’s “African American Athletes and Activism”

Did all black athletes want to engage in politics?
Who was Arthur Ashe? How did he view himself? How did he face racism/racial injustice?
What was the expectation of black athletes and civil rights?
How was Ashe moved toward activism?
How were black athletes in the 1960s different from those in the 1940s and 1950s? What move did black athletes make?
Why did whites like Joe Louis? How did this affect his role in the black community?
How did Joe Louis use his platform to fight Jim Crow in the 1940s? How did he use his platform?
How did Sugar Ray Robinson speak out against racist discrimination (Josephine Baker being refused service by the Stork Club)? Did he maintain his commitment to this cause? How did the black community react to his response and action (or inaction) in the civil rights movement?
What happened when Jackie Robinson was asked to appear before the House Un-American Activities Committee to denounce Paul Robeson? What was the response? How did Robinson feel about it later?
How did Robinson wade into civil rights matters once he was able to?
How did Robinson use his platform to push other black athletes into the civil rights movement? What did these athletes do?
Why did Jesse Owens criticize Robinson? How did Robinson react?
What was Willie Mays’ stance on the fight for civil rights? How did Robinson react to this?
How was Bill Russell involved in civil rights? How was he an activist athlete? What ways did Russell get involved in the movement?
How did Jim Brown fight for black dignity while playing professional football?
How did Brown think black people would gain equality? Where did this place him in the civil rights movement?
What tie does Brown see between black liberation and economics?

The Film:

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