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Population health risk or disparity

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Select one health policy that addresses a population health risk or disparity. Policies to consider may be at the unit, organizational, community, local, or state level.
Determine the purpose and intended impact of the policy. Assess the congruence of the policy with current national population health goals and objectives (such as the Healthy People initiative, or another national initiative). Based upon your analysis, consider recommendations to further address the health risk or disparity, as well as interprofessional opportunities to enhance health outcomes.
In a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation, address the elements listed below. Include a minimum of four scholarly sources, current within 5 years, to support your work. Each slide (excluding title and reference slides) must include detailed speaker notes
Provide an introduction to the presentation.
Describe one health policy that relates to an identified health risk or disparity. Summarize the intended impact of the policy on the risk or disparity and discuss ethical implications regarding the policy.
Examine the policy within the context of a national population health initiative and determine the degree to which the policy is congruent with that national population health goal and/or objective. Explain your findings. Explain one health policy that has something to do with a known health risk or difference. Summarize the policy’s intended effect on the risk or difference, and talk about the policy’s ethical implications.
Look at the policy in the context of a national initiative to improve the health of the population and figure out how well it fits with that initiative’s goal or objective. Describe what you found.
Propose one strategy to further address the health risk or disparity and discuss opportunities for inter-professional collaborative practice related to your recommendation.
Provide a conclusion to the presentation.

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