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Marketing Plan (Complete written report)

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Marketing Plan (Complete written report)
Marketing Mix
This is a critical section of the report and involves the most creativity. It
includes designing a marketing mix program that achieves your objectives
and is tailored for your target market(s). Recall that the marketing mix
consists of the 4Ps: Product; Price; Place Promotion, and, if a service, may
include another three: People; Process and Physical Evidence. Include
cultural diversity factors in the development of the marketing mix.
The product section details a description of the product or brand, its
packaging, and its attributes. Product life cycle considerations
(introduction/growth/maturity/decline stage) should be mentioned if they
affect your marketing plan. Of critical importance in this discussion is the
competitive advantage of your product or brand or if it might be purchased
instead on the basis of its utility and perceived value, convenience, etc.
Place refers to how your product is distributed. This section discusses and
justifies the channels in which you plan to sell your product.
The discussion of price begins with a statement of the selling price of the
product and its justification. It should include your total cost per item and
the profit margin. You might also consider bulk sales and special discounts
(as a promotional tactic.) Keep in mind: How much pricing freedom do you
have for your product? What are some of the key constraints? What type of
pricing strategies will be used for your product? What type of pricing (not
promotional) discounts or allowances should be offered to the trade or to
Promotion and Participation
The promotion discussion consists of a description and justification of the
planned of your planned promotional mix. It is useful to explain the
“umbrella theme” of your promotion and to include examples of specific
promotional tactics you plan to employ, e.g., promotion as event; personal
selling to specific target groups, print ads in the local school paper, use of
university radio and TV, press releases with photos to local newspapers,
social media, digital marketing efforts, etc.
Develop a cohesive promotional plan and address how each element of the
promotional mix addresses trade, end users or both.
Financial Analysis
The marketing plan should contain estimates of major marketing costs,
including the cost of developing and producing promotional materials, print
ad insertions, marketing research, booth rentals, postage, incentives,
packaging, team garb, and transportation, etc.
Summary (Conclusion)
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This brief section is similar to the Executive Summary but states more fully
the justification for financing the plan. It also reminds the reader of the
outcome sought in the plan and benefits accrued.
and, if
All material cited in the paper must be from legitimate sources, either peerreviewed scholarly publications, or published cases, white papers, case
studies, research analysis, trade reports, etc. Do NOT include material that
is irrelevant to your topic. Ensure that all in-line citations in your text have a
reference, and vice-versa. Citations must be in APA format. Wikipedia is not
an acceptable reference.
Include detailed financial analysis, large graphs and tables in this section.

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