Research Essay, Thesis & Dissertation Topics Sample Assignments:

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Introduction (and Thesis Statement)
Main Body
Citations (at least 5)
You will want to start with the issue and move into your chosen company’s response to that issue.
What is the selected employment issue and how does it negatively impact stakeholders?
What company have you selected that has faced these issues before?
What did the issue look like at that company?
What did the company do to respond to the issue if anything?
Was the resolution something you have recommended or is it something else?
*include 5 ethical lenses*
Topic: Examining a current business ethics or sustainability issue that has caused significant damage to a selected company’s stakeholders and to its reputation.
Analyze the issue, the company’s response to the issue and make personal recommendations either in support of the company’s response or that would take the place of the company’s response. Be prepared to provide evidence to support your recommendations using factual, credible sources of information.

• You will write using APA format, examining the questions of ethics and sustainability as it relates to a specific business practice (Examples: Hiring practices, investment practices, reward systems, sales goals, supply chain, training/onboarding, etc.)

• Your paper must include extensive research and include reference to the five decision making frameworks and referenced in the Markkula Center readings (Utilitarianism, Justice/Fairness, Rights/Duties, Common Good and Virtue Ethics.
• A minimum of 15 separately cited academic or respected industry references are required for this paper.

• Do not use the first person in your paper, i.e, “I find this,” etc.
• With this research, you are to create an essay examining the ethics of a particular practice within the company of your choosing, whether or not the company’s recommendations/solutions can be considered sustainable based on your research, and if not, what is recommended based on your research?

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