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Practising Research

Practising Research
Survey research is one of the most common ways of collecting data. However, not all survey research is created equal. In this activity, your task is to collect at least 5 different examples of surveys used by local police agencies within Pennsylvania. Using these examples, write a 4-page report comparing the different examples. In your report, provide at least 5 examples associated with best practices or examples that you believe could be improved. Supply a ranking of the different surveys, and show your favorite and least favorite survey, again supplying an explanation.
The specific steps are as follows:
Conduct independent research, and find at least 5 different examples of surveys used by local police agencies in Pennsylvania.
As an example, here is a survey used by the Virginia Police Department.
Compare each of the surveys, finding your favorite and least favorite survey.
Supply at least a 1-page explanation on your selections.
Using your research examples, find at least 5 examples of best practices or areas that could be improved.
Dedicate at least 3 pages to this section.
Virginia Police Department. (2016). Public safety survey. Retrieved from PUBLIC SAFETY SURVEY 2016-1.pdf

Practising Research
Research in police departments is a vital aspect that enables effecting appropriate changes, decision making and policy application. The research in police departments is conducted to ensure that police are effective and efficient in serving the people in the course of maintaining law and order. Survey research in police department entails the collection of data from the citizens, police and other important stakeholders to enhance positive changes in the course of serving the people. Equally important, police research is done differently thus determining the quality of report given and impact of recommendations from different research. Therefore, the differences and similarities in police research work. Police research has been conducted in Pennsylvania and their difference and similarities in collections of data, analysis and deriving results from the analysis have a great impact on the quality of research.
Research Examples conducted in Pennsylvania
Police agencies within Pennsylvania have conducted different surveys to improve citizen experiences. First, the public safety survey conducted in 2016 in Virginia was done to establish the issues within the society that pose a danger to the people. The research seeks to find the highest types of crime, crime rate, factors increasing and decreasing crime to enable proper policy and decision making. Secondly, the “Surveying the opinions of the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police toward officers carrying and administering naloxone” survey that seeks to establish the effectiveness of police officers administration of naloxone to individuals with opioid overdose. Thirdly, there is the “An Exploratory Study of Pennsylvania Police Officers’ Perceptions of Dangerousness and Their Ability to Manage Persons with Mental Illness” research. The research was conducted to establish the most effective ways of handling people suffering from mental illnesses. Fourthly, there is the “How Do People in High-Crime, Low-Income Communities View the Police?” research. The research aimed at understanding people of different social classes’ perception of the police. Fifthly, there is the “Pennsylvania Municipal Police Departments and Naloxone” research. The research was conducted to establish factors facilitation effective administration of naloxone by the police.
Comparison of each survey
All the reports are conducted to improve the police delivery on the citizens but they are done in similar and different ways that determine their research (Mays and Pope, 2000). The first research has covered a wide range of societal issues to be evaluated for determination. The research has all members of the society being participants making it possible to achieve overall security. The second research has been done within the police department without having the input of other members of society. Additionally, the research only interviewed the police chiefs and did not include the opinions of junior police officers involved in the actual administration of naloxone. The third research was collected through the gathering of data from different departments and centres. The wide collection of data increases the correctness of findings as well as the recommendations. The fourth research conducted in one section of society (high-crime and low-income communities). This fact made it hard for researchers to compare the perception of the police in different parts of society. This approach would have resulted in conclusive results. The fifth research has evaluated the differences in the different police department that makes brings out the differences in administration effectiveness. More so, my favourite research is the first survey on public safety. The survey has a wide range of questions that touch every aspect of citizen safety and have included every member of the society thus increasing the chances of quality research characterized by the correctness of findings. On the other hand, the least favourite survey is the second survey on the administration of naloxone by police. The survey only evaluated the opinion of a few people and a single group (police chiefs) thus reducing the quality of findings.
Best practices or areas to improve research
The researchers need to adopt best practices and approaches in the course of surveys to improve the quality of research work. First, researchers need to use other sources of information apart from the collection and analysis of data. The researchers need to conduct internet searches, conduct a literature review on the topic, use multimedia sources and double-checking of information found (Williams, Barclay and Schmied, 2004). The use of different sources of information makes it easy to compare and contrast findings such that one can make conclusive and informed findings on the research. Additionally, the use of different sources can improve the research by the creation of additional research questions. This approach makes the researcher exhaust all areas of research to the point that quality work is derived from the research.
The researchers need to incorporate experts in their work to improve the quality of research. The experts provide the research work with the best approaches to counter challenges and barriers in the course of research work (Breul, 2004). The experts and consultants guide the research work thus ensuring that the process runs effectively and efficiently. The experts and consultants have the right experiences and skill in making it easy to overcome challenges and barriers. Additionally, the researchers in the police departments need to compare previously done researches on similar topics from the works of experts. This approach ensures that there are no flaws in research work thus increasing the quality of findings and recommendations.
The researchers need to ensure there is an effective organization of information. The organization of information ensures that the collection and handling of data takes a defined process and path. The organization of information eliminates the stockpiling of contacts and collection and recycling of information that adversely affects the quality of research work (Barbour, 2001). The researchers need to establish when and where to keep information and data collected by maintaining a professional system of filling. In most police survey research organization of information is inefficient to the point that wrong conclusions can be made. The organization of information makes retrieval and reference much simpler. Therefore, proper organization of information enables the researcher to arrive at findings in a procedural way.
Finally, the police survey research needs to be improved through by increasing the number of respondents and increasing the stakeholders in research to increase the chances of correctness in the findings (Sebba, Edwards and Rickinson, 2011). The police research surveys have very few respondents and they collect data from one or a few groups of people making it hard to make definite and conclusive findings. As the number and type of respondents increase the quality of research increases and thus the findings.
Different police researches are conducted to improve the citizen experience in the course of maintaining law and order but the differences in the conduct of researches determine the quality of the survey. Quality surveys result in excellent findings that have positive impacts on police work. Flaws in the research work result in misleading facts and information thus affecting decision and policymaking. Therefore, the researchers need to adopt the best practices and approaches to eliminate the flaws, challenges and barriers to quality research work. The best practices include increase the source of information in research work, employ experts and consultants in the research work, appropriate organization of information and increasing the number and type of respondents. The best practices and policies enhance the research work resulting in quality and flawless output.
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Breul, J. D. (2004). The new public management: Improving research and policy dialogue.
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