LP10.2 Assignment: Reflection Paper

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LP10.2 Assignment: Reflection Paper

Directions: For this assignment, you will write a paper reflecting on your learning experience about the overall method of System Analysis and Design as a process in theory and using the case study.

Paper Guidelines
Create a Microsoft Word document in which you will:

Type a 3-7 page reflection paper (not including a title page or reference page)
Use APA style, one-inch margins, double spaced, use a 12 point font. (Arial or Times New Roman)
Include appropriate references (citations where necessary)
Paper Components
Reflection will include:

A summary of the individual learning experiences about the overall method of System Analysis and Design as a process in theory and a brief analysis of the case study
A discussion of the attributes of an effective team and includes characteristics of a valuable team member
Reflections will include what lessons the students learned from the case study, and what, if any, things could have been done to produce a different outcome in the case
An analysis about what roles the student sees himself/herself playing in an actual project (For example: team leader, project coordinator, business analyst, systems analyst, process designer, database designer, programmer, researcher, etc.)
An analysis about the types of skills students need to develop or improve upon for future work on Systems Analysis and Design projects (For example: interpersonal, technical, analytical, communication, team building, planning, or leadership skills)

Reflecting on my learning experience about the overall method of System Analysis and Design as a process in theory, system development can be described as a process that involves the adoption of two main components of system analysis and system design. During this learning experience, I have developed a better understanding of system design as the process involving the planning of a new business system or taking actions that will lead to complementing an already existing system. However, before executing a system design plan, it is important for users to understand how the traditional systems could be used to enhance the effectiveness of a given operation. This is possible through system analysis as t ensures that facts are gathered and interpreted appropriately to help in the diagnosis of a given problem and the information obtained can used to aid in the improvement of a given system.
Another learning experience acquired from undertaking this course is about the attributes of a good and an effective team, as well as the characteristics of valuable team members. One attribute of an effective team is one where everybody participates positively and actively in the team meetings and any project implementation exercise. Having such an approach would allow the team’s goals and aspirations to be understood by all team members thus allowing for an effective team. In addition, it is often recommended that individual members in every team should think hard to develop creative solutions to address any problem affecting the team. Moreover, to make this initiative effective, members within the team should be carefully listened to and thoughtful feedback given about the creative solutions they have come up. Finally, all members within an effective team should be willing to take initiative with each teammate trusting the judgment made by others. At the individual level, a good team player should encourage other team member’s development and respects their contributions despite having any differences. These attributes characterize the qualities of an effective team and it s one of the learning experience obtained from participating in this case study.
There are many lessons that students can learn from this case study one of them being that as a system designer and analysts, they should be willing to analyze and evaluate the current computer business systems and process. Adopting these skills will be crucial in helping them in their future careers in the field of system design and analysis because they can easily be able to record the system requirements of their business or organization. Moreover, the case study also offers valuable lessons in that system designers and analyst should be able to identify the best practices and offer technical support any activities within their organization through utilizing the different phases of system development lifecycles. Finally students also learn the attributes of a good and an effective team, as well as the characteristics of valuable team members which are traits that will be valuable when applied in their future career engagements.
Drawing lessons from the case study and lessons leant in this case study; I would love to pursue a career as a business and system analyst. Adopting this role would help me to analyze, explore and investigate my organization’s business operations which would then form the basis for my decision to determine whether they are in line with the modern technology. In addition, I find the role of a business analyst very fascinating because they act as a bridge between the organizations development team and its clients. Having such a responsibility would be very existing because it will involve understanding the current market environment in terms of technology requirements necessary to help the organization meet the customer’s needs in line with the market trend. In other words, this role requires a people’s person or an individual who is able to interact freely with different people, and I believe these are some of my strongest qualities which will allow me to fit into the role of a business and system analyst perfectly.
In order to enhance their skills and work as system analysts and project designers, there are various interpersonal skills required key among them being analytical in their problem solving skills, agents of change, and be a people’s person. System analyst and designers are required to gather data and analyze it so s to come up with effective solutions to the different problems affecting an organization. For this reason, system analysis and design students should look to develop their analytical skills. System analyst and designers operate in a changing or evolving technology landscape, which means that they should be very quick to recognize ay emerging trends in the market and act swiftly to position their organization in a way that it can remain competitive. For this reason, system analysis and design students should develop skills that allow them to recognize change and act swiftly. Finally, a business analyst act as a bridge between the organizations development team and its clients, which means that students should poses peoples skills because they will be able to interact freely with different people.