IoT Hacking

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Let’s take the IoT hacking examples we have studied to the extreme. Watch this scene from Fate of the Furious and identify 5 examples where the use of testing tools could prevent some of the examples shown. Also, discuss at what point in the production or deployment chain they should be used.;v=GGhLykstBmA
Please write 5 testing tools could use and see the attached lecture and you can do outside research as well

IoT Hacking
IoT attacks are becoming a common thing, and quite frankly they might happen to anyone. A high-level assessment is necessary since it cuts across the network as a whole analyzing the possible risks. The high-level assessment is normally carried out during the planning phases of the network. The data storage of the cars was compromised leading to accessibility of the data analytics necessary for commanding the control applications through the IoT field getaways and cloud gateway (Infosec, 2019).A security breach like the one seen on the assignment video, The Fate of the Furious, is an example of what could go wrong in case an IoT hack took place. While watching the video, one can notice that the perpetrator hacks into cars and controls them to move as they want. To avoid such situations, people should understand the importance of testing tools as a prevention measure.
There is quite an arsenal for IoT tools aimed at safeguarding the devices from attacks. Tools necessary for IoT include GSMA IoT Security Guidelines for the risk assessment stage. This tool helps developers analyze which instances are considered as risks. For the design stage, the Hardware Security Modules is important for the sake of hardware security. In the case of application development, secure coding is necessary to determine the security features relevant to the hardware and software. One can use script languages such as Python or Perl (Infosec, 2019). Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing are also tools necessary for auditing IoT’s. Once the IoT is in the market, an Over the Air (OTA) capabilities is necessary for the sake of realtime control of the device. Scanners are also useful, and they are several. Users may choose from Nmap, Burp Site, or Nessus.

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