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Installing application software

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Resolve the software problem
The specialist can take the following steps to resolve the problem:
i. Free up RAM by closing other programs that are open-Each piece of software utilizes Random Access Memory (RAM). The more software that is running on the computer, the more RAM it utilizes. Therefore, if the software program is refusing to load or is running slowly, the initial step is to close all other open applications.
ii. Restart the software-Problems with software can originate from a conflict with other programs or just from difficulties the software stumbled upon when starting up. Therefore, shutting down the program and restarting it can at times resolve these issues.
iii. Scan for malware and viruses-Spyware, viruses and other kinds of malicious software can be the reason why software crashes or freezes or quit working completely. As such, it would be prudent to scan the computer utilizing both anti-malware and antivirus tools to uncover and remove malware and viruses.
iv. Check for a conflict in firewall-Some companies may opt to set up personal firewall software on every computer instead on a centralized software or hardware-based firewall. Personal firewalls can serve as significant lines of defences against cyber attackers and other security threats but can also be the cause of software conflicts. In many cases, firewalls show messages that ask whether it should permit a program to run or block it (Beisse, 2014). For this reason, it is possible to unintentionally tell the personal firewall to block a program from running. The specialist can thus check the settings of the firewall to see if the problematic software was added to the list of programs the firewall is supposed to block. If the case is so, the settings of the firewall can be changed to permit the software to run, and then check to establish if the software still has issues.
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