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The Contract for the Sale of Goods

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The Contract for the Sale of Goods
The agreement represents the sale of goods between a dressmaker and a customer, made according to the tailor and organized according to customer laws.
The contract is between the tailor and a customer purchasing a dress. The tailor-made a sketch for the dress according to the customer’s taste and preference. The buyer is aware of all payments required to complete the work as well as period expected to complete all payments (Marsh,2017). Transactions will be through mobile banking, where money shall be sent to the seller within thirty days. Fees will include the operating and purchase of the material required to make the dress.
The parties agreed as follows:
Delivery/Title. The seller shall deliver the dress to the customer’s place of work on the specified date, within the next twenty days therefore, no specific time stated. The dress might take longer than expected due to the detailed information; hence, the seller will not fine for delay or failure to meet the estimated time.
Payment. Payment is due within thirty days, which shall be paid in installment half the amount, and the rest completed once the dress is ready to ease the process. The payments will be transferred to the tailor’s account through the contact provided by the seller.
Conditions. According to the satisfaction clause in case the buyer is not satisfied with the dress made or the dress is made contrary to preference, the buyer has the right to refuse to pay the remaining amount of money until satisfied by the services offered.
In the case of the tailor delays and exceeds the time, the buyer can terminate the contract. “Time is of the essence” will be adhered to when the tailor unreasonably exceeds time.
Warranties. The dress is sold “as is” with the same quality specified, and measurements were taken before sketching (Marsh, 2017). The buyer will be given a guarantee of fitness within one to three days in case the dress doesn’t fit or not made according to detailed design. The seller will be allowed to make changes in a short period. No returns will be accepted if the buyer does not communicate emmediately.
Assignment. The assignor and assignee state their rights and obligations.The reasons involve the duties of the seller and the expectations of the buyer, for instance, payments. The assignments of contracts must be written down.
Integration clause /Entire agreement. The parties will follow all obligations in the entire transaction, including the warranty, liabilities as well as any misrepresentations.
Act of God /Force Majeure. Emergencies or impediments such as fire may occur during the contract. The party affected will not be accountable for losses, or the contact will not be breached, but the contract will be extended.In case of challenges predicted by the seller, a notice is given to the buyer within a reasonable time.
Liquidated Damages. In case of damages or loss during delivery, the estimated amount will be stated according to the price of the dress. In case of breach of contract monetary compensation will be given to the buyer as a substantial damage. Damages shall be paid in case of expected losses or loss of bargain.
Choice of Law /Governing Law. Disputes and questions not settled in the contract will be governed by the United Nations Convention on contracts for the sale of goods as well the national law governing the seller’s place of work and that of the third party. The deal will be a representation of fair dealing and the spirit of good faith.
Choice of forum/form selection. Forms shall be prepared by the attorney in the general contract clause in case of disputes and dispute will be solved through arbitration or mediation.
Arbitration/mediation. Any misunderstanding during the contract from performance, termination, and interpretation will be solved through arbitration (Nie, 2018). One arbitrator who is the attorney shall solve the dispute in his office.
Attorney’s fees. The attorney fee will be paid according to the arbitration clause in the agreement between the buyer and seller.
Date and Signature of the Parties

Seller Buyer
Signature Signature

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