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I SIMPLY NEED RESPONSES TO MY PEERS WORK AND ANSWERS TO MY POST….I have included my power point as the verbal brief was shortened. I shortened the brief because of the fact that after the first two minutes peoples attention spans drift.I appreciate all feed back. The URL is below.V/R,Inga Deal——————————————————————————————————-SCREEN-CAST LINK(derek)————————————————————————————————-Lets try this again… He is the link for my video. situations like this, you have to remain calm. However, how do you covey a sense of urgency when time is of the essence? What other type of scenarios would make the tone of this presentation different?You mentioned some of the symptoms to be considered from this vaccine. Do you feel that even though this person may not be having symptoms that they receive treatment? I would suggest anyone that has received the vaccination to refer him or her to a local health care center. You reported the CDC is fully monitoring the issue. What are they doing to have the situation under control? How often do you think you should update the public with the situation?One last question, although you cannot project a recovery time or date, what are some of the long-term effects from this situation?