Need science help with an atmospheric thermodynamics question

April 20, 2022 0 Comments

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When you open a bottle of beer, you may notice a cloud form in its neck. The cloud was not there before the bottle was opened. Please explain.Hints: Beer is mostly water. The gas in the space above the beer is mostly carbon dioxide at a pressure greater than one atmosphere. This cloud is not a mixing cloud, but it is composed of water droplets. it is verily likely that the cloud formed by homogenous nucleation. Although there were undoubtedly particles in the carbon dioxide when the beer was bottled, the larder particles eventually settle into the beer, whereas the smaller ones diffuse to the sides of the bottle where they are captured. Under the assumption that the cloud in the neck forms by homogeneous nucleation, estimate the minimum pressure in the bottle before it was opened. When you obtain this pressure, ask yourself-or try to find out-if it makes sense.Hint: the ratio of specific heats carbon dioxide is 1.3.