Need help with a Finance assignment: Bond Valuation

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Write a paper describing the below on a fictitious company of your choice. I have attached an example of what the final paper should look like. Finance Project.docx The final paper should include the below: Brief background information for both your shadow firm and fictitious firm, and why and how you picked them.· Problem statement, methods and approaches, experimental results, discussion of the results. Make sure to answer all the questions in the TO DO list in the syllabus.· Conclusions. What did you learn and what are the implications of what you learned from the project.All reports should be submitted in Times New Roman-12″ font, single-spaced with 1-inch margins. a.Name your firm, describe the business it is in.b. Choose a publicly traded corporation to act as a shadow firm. (1) Go to, and look up the most recent annual financial statements for your shadow firm.To Do (Bond Valuation Project):1. Retrieve current information on the most recent debt issuance by your shadow firm. Several sites are available, including Standard & Poor’s home page. Although you can use this site free of charge, you are required to register. Alternatively, you can find bond quote for your shadow firm at Using the current rating on your shadow company’s most recent debt and a current quote on comparable Treasuries, estimate the risk premium inherent in the difference between the rates on the most recently issued debt and the risk-free Treasury.3. Let’s use the YTM on your shadow firm to determine the coupon rate offered by your fictitious firm.4. Beyond determining the coupon rate, your group must decide on an appropriate use for the funds. In other words, you must design an investment project that makes sense in the context of your fictitious firm. What is the purpose of the investment? What are the returns expected from the investment? Essentially, you should design and defend this investment.5. Show how this bond’s valuation will change given differing assumptions on required return. In other words, what is likely to happen to the bond’s valuation if market rates rise (or fall) following the issuance of this debt?