Need help to write about Language and Identity – A Closer Analysis

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PLEASE READ  “Mother Tongue” BY TAN A. BEFORE DOING THE ASSIGNMENT, This memoir catalogs the differences in the perceptions society attributes to how one speaks. Tan uses her own “mother’s voice” and the fact that the Chinese language is her “mother’s tongue” to emphasis how we all communicate in different ways, depending on who are speaking with and why.This week’s readings and video offer reflections on the significance of language in our day-to-day experience, particularly as language relates to our senses of individual and cultural identity. Choose this week’s required material to explore in connection to language and individual and/or cultural identity. How are language and identity represented in the work you have chosen? What does the reading suggest about the relationship between language and one’s sense of self? If reflecting on your own experience adds to your interpretation, you may include your thoughts on that as well. When exploring your own experiences, however, remember to make clear connections between your life and the ideas expressed in the reading. If resources other than the work that your essay focuses on will enhance your essay, feel free to include them as well.The paper should be two to four pages in length (excluding APA title and reference pages). The paper must have a main idea (thesis statement) that is supported by the entire discussion of the topic. Support the central point with details from the reading and analysis of those details. Resources must be cited in text and on the reference page.