Need help for writing an Assignment about escaping unjust imprisonment

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Writing Assignment: Short and SweetTo escape unjust imprisonment, you have become Scheherazade of the detention hall. You have written a flash fiction story and posted it for peer review to the Discussion: Share and Share Alike link. Now you must consider the feedback you received carefully and rework your story following these guidelines and questions to focus your revision work:LengthIs my story short enough—under 750 words? What else can I remove?Remove anything that is not important to creating the characters, moving the plot forward, or setting up the surprise endingRemove any extra wordiness or repetition that is not purposefulLanguageAre the words chosen carefully for connotation (tone)?Are your phrases/images unexpected, memorable, or clever? (Remove clichés)Are active verbs used consistently?Is the last sentence your strongest? (Make it so!)Imagery/SymbolismWhat is the controlling image/symbol? Is this the best choice you could make?Which adjective could be used to “push” the meaning of that image?Have you used the image to your advantage every time it appears? Could it be used in other places or in better ways?Surprise (Ironic/Humorous/Twist Ending)How is your story surprising (but still focused)?Do you telegraph your twist? (If so, rewrite it.)Is the audience going to get it? (If not, figure out a way to make it clearer.)* Be sure to edit carefully when you think you are through! See the punctuation, capitalization, and usage PowerPoint presentations available in the resources section of the course to brush up on your editing skills.