Need help for the answers to 5 questions about accounting

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Reference for each question. Minimum 120 words excluding
questions and reference.
ERROR) 1. Segment Reporting
Please explain operating segments of an
enterprise.  How does SFAS No. 131 define an operating segment, and what
thresholds must be met for an operating segment to be a reportable segment?2 Financial Statement
If you could choose only one
financial statement for the purpose of investing, given the choices
of the balance sheet, the income statement, or the statement of cash
flows, which one would you select for your evaluation purposes, and why?3.Effect
of the Settlement Rate on Periodic Pension Cost
why the FASB chose the settlement rate to discount projected benefits.4.Entity Theory of
would a company report noncontrolling interest in the consolidated balance
sheet? Explain why.
5. The Securities Acts of 1933 and
Discuss the terms going public and being public as they
relate to these pieces of legislation.