Need help for reposting a research paper.

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The research paper provides an opportunity for students to use all of the skills they have learned during the semester. Students will develop a well-supported, persuasive research paper on a topic of their choosing, related to the topics. The papers will be evaluated on the proper implementation of APA style; content; and clarity of writing (must reflect college-level writing).  The narrative portion of the paper will be a minimum of eight pages to a maximum of fourteen pages long (reference page(s) count toward final page total, but cover page and Abstract do not). This assignment addresses the following course objectives: Prepare and present a compelling substantive interpretation, argument, and/or analysis of a problem or issue in a research paper;Gather and use academic resources effectively and according to the standards and rules of academic integrity in formulating and presenting a substantive interpretation, argument, and/or analysis of a problem or issueGeneral Requirements for Paper:Instructor may refuse to grade papers that do not meet the rubric requirements (grade=zero)General format: APA documentation styleThe narrative portion of the paper is a minimum of eight (8) complete pages and a maximum of twelve (12) pages.Direct quotations from sources are discouraged as a whole.  For occasional exceptions, quotations must be presented in APA style; for quotes over 40 words, in block style (see OWL online resource).All papers will be subject to evaluation in “Safe Assign” to check for plagiarism.Papers will be printed in black ink using ONLYTimes New Roman or Calibri font – 12 point sizeNo folders or binders or covers of any type are to be used.  The paper is to have the cover page as page 1, and be stapled in the upper left corner.Use 1″ margins, top, bottom and sides.  BE CAREFUL!  Check your margin settings as the defaut on many machines is 1.5″ on the left and right.Late papers will be subject to a 10 point penalty for each day beyond the due date unless other arrangements have been made with the instructor before the due date.Attached is the grading rubric for your research paper.  I suggest you use this rubric as a guide as you are putting the finishing touches on your research paper.  I will have a copy for each student which I will fill out as I’m grading your paper.  The rubric will be returned along with your paper. Rubric for Research Paper .docxHere a one sample of how the research paper look like. Sample of reserch paper. .docxHere are my research evaluation that you worked on them. Research Study Evaluations 1.docxResearch Study Evaluations 2.docxResearch Study Evaluations 3.docxresearch evaluation 4.docxYou need to use all the research evaluation on the research paper as well as for the reference. Here is the article review. Article Review_secondary.docxyou already have 4 sources right now and i need 6 more. Total is 10. Please let me know if you didn’t understand the work. Thank you