Need a narrative essay Please read details

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Then read the
following article on “Wired” by Elspeth Reeve, which you will analyze:
Fully answer ALL of the following questions, providing
specific examples. (Your analysis should be typed and double-spaced.)
Begin, by defining at least three terms that you
needed to look up in order to grasp the essay’s argument fully.  (If you did not need to look up that many
terms, please say so, and note that during our class discussion I will assume
you are familiar with every term and reference used in the essay.)  Include
the source(s) of your definition.
What cultural conversation is Reeve responding to?
What kind of viewpoint is she arguing against?
Summarize what you see as the “core” of Reeve’s claim.  What reasons does she offer in support of
that claim?
Where can you tell that Reeve is taking issue
with things that have been said by others? 
How does her choice of words convey her stance?  GIVE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES.
Where does Reeve seem to accept at least some
common ground with the people she is arguing against?  GIVE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES. 
What is the rhetorical context of her argument?
Is it for a public or academic audience? 
What demographic?  How can you
choice of genre appropriate?
Finally: After reading Reeve’s article, do you
agree with her or with those she is arguing against?  What
would you like to add to the conversation?