Posted: March 22nd, 2022

Case Study Suicide

Case Study Suicide
According to the text, there are nearly 900,000 suicides in a year in the world. The truth of the matter is that this number is probably much higher due to underreported instances of intentional death. As a result of technology, a new trend in suicide is death due to “cyberbullying.” explore a suicide as a result of cyberbullying, physical bullying, and/or body shaming that has occurred within the last three years.

Write a 3-page paper in which you address the following thoroughly. Cite specifics from the case to support your arguments:

Examine three elements of cyberbullying, physical bullying, and/or body shaming and then determine whether or not the defendant(s) should be charged with a cyberbullying, physical bullying, and/or body shaming crime. Provide a rationale to support your position.
Based on what you learned about the relationship between suicide and depression from the text, support or refute the following statement: “People who die by suicide are usually experiencing undiagnosed depression.” Support your opinion.
Analyze the significance of why suicide is becoming a more prevalent area of interest due to the wide use of social media. Next, debate whether or not suicide will remain a focal point or receive the notoriety necessary for agencies to continue working to get support for individuals who are considering suicide. Provide a rationale to support your response.
The text states that suicide rates vary around the world. Based on the text, propose two possible causes for the differences around the world. Next, give your opinion as to whether suicide should be considered a deviant behavior and examine the ramifications. Justify your response.
Use at least three quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar types of websites do not qualify as academic resources.
Please ensure the paper has the question first, followed by the answer.

Case Study Suicide
Bullying of different form has increased the rates of suicide across the globe raising the need to counter strategies and approaches. Over 900,000 suicide cases in the world inclining have been experienced because of cyberbullying, body shaming, physical bullying, and other causes. Additionally, in the recent past suicide cases has increased across the world with increase and changes in technology. The technological advancement has increased cyberbullying due to the increased connection of people across the world. Equally, important legal measures have been used to reduce cases of all forms of bullying. The law seeks to fine and punish perpetrators of bullying to protect the victims thus reducing the adverse effects of bullying such as suicide and depression cases. Additionally, depression occurs due to bullying leading to suicide cases. Increase in the case untreated depression leads to increased issue suicide. Cyberbullying, body shaming, and physical bullying increases depression levels and thus suicide cases calling for legal, medical and social solutions.
Elements of cyberbullying, body shaming and physical bullying
Different forms of bullying have similar elements that define them. First, various forms of bullying are conducted with the intention of humiliating victims. The bullies take advantage of a victim weakness and exploit it to humiliate and intimidate their victims in public (Notar, Padgett and Roden, 2013). Humiliation leads to depression as the victims cannot protect themselves or overcome bullying to the extent they commit suicide. Consequently, a different form of bullying results in physical and emotional bullying to the victims thus interfering with their normal operations in life. The bullies intend to cause physical or emotional to their victims. Emotional harm leads to mental torture that is unbearable while physical harm to the victim’s body. Additionally, different forms of bullying are characterized by power. There is a great power difference between the bullies and their victims. The bullies use their power to hurt and intimidate their victims. The bullies control and empower their victims by speaking negatively and treating their victims negatively. On the other hand, the elements of different forms of bullying facilitate for reasons for victims of bullying to take legal actions. In this regard, the bullies contravene and violate the rule of law in the course of bullying individual. The bullies should thus be prosecuted to punish them for their action as well as reducing bullying in society.
Debate: “People who die by suicide are usually experiencing undiagnosed depression.”
Depression is a leading cause of suicide; however undiagnosed depression increases and enhances cases of suicide. First, depression is a medical condition that needs clinical attention to reduce or counter it. Medication and therapy sessions are effective in reducing and countering depression to end cases of suicide (Hu et al., 2012). Undiagnosed depression thus inclines individuals to commit suicide. Consequently, depressions lead to mental instability leading to victims taking unprecedented actions such as suicide. Depressions should be diagnosed to ensure mental stability among people to the point they take normal and rational decision despite the prevailing circumstances. Diagnosing depression ensures that people make rational decisions thus ending and reducing the case of suicide. Furthermore, diagnosing depression identifies and evaluates its root cause thus creating appropriate solutions and counter-strategies. Identifying the root cause enables the victim to control and overpower it to the point they avoid and eliminate depression and thus instances of suicide. Therefore, depressions should be diagnosed to eliminate it and find appropriate solutions to the point that and individual can overcome prevailing circumstances avoid cases of depression.

Increasing significance in the field of suicide
Researchers and scholars have increased their interest in the field of suicide in recent times as a result of social media. In this regard, issues of cyber have increased especially with an increased connection of people around the world. Different people all with different backgrounds and motive are connected by the internet resulting in increased cases of bullying and thus suicide cases (Hinduja and Patchin, 2010). These changes in events and technology have resulted to increase in suicide cases prompting researchers and scholars to develop a great interest in the field. Additionally, the changes in the trend and causes of suicide with technology, innovation, and connection have inclined people to have an interest in the field of suicide. Researcher and scholars work towards unraveling the suicide issue thus developing an effective solution to counter such incidences. On the other hand, the field of suicide will receive notoriety necessary for agencies to continue working to get support for individuals considering suicide. Suicide will increasingly remain to be a field of interest as there changes in technology, innovation and in the environment prompting changes in the trend and levels of suicide in the society. There is a need for research and information on the changing environment to give an advanced solution to counter cases of suicide.
In conclusion, the levels of suicide remain to be alarming and there is a need for a combined effort by different stakeholders to counter it. There is a disparity in the suicide rates among different states across the world due to differences in condition and circumstances. For instance, suicide in Guyana stands at 30.2 while in Syria is at 2.4 per 100,000 people in 2016. The cause of disparity in the two states is due to poverty and governance levels. High poverty levels and poor governance result in depressions thus increasing cases of suicide. Suicide should not be considered a deviant behavior as it is a condition that is beyond the control of the victims.
Hinduja, S., & Patchin, J. W. (2010). Bullying, cyberbullying, and suicide. Archives of suicide research, 14(3), 206-221.
Hu, C., Xiang, Y. T., Ungvari, G. S., Dickerson, F. B., Kilbourne, A. M., Si, T. M., … & Lai, K. Y. (2012). Undiagnosed bipolar disorder in patients treated for major depression in China. Journal of affective disorders, 140(2), 181-186.
Notar, C. E., Padgett, S., & Roden, J. (2013). Cyberbullying: A review of the literature. Universal Journal of Educational Research, 1(1), 1-9.


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