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Steps involved in conducting black-box testing

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Steps involved in conducting black-box testing
Black box testing takes the testing of external interfaces to ascertain that codes meet functional and non-functional requirements. The black box testing is implemented in steps directed towards attaining the desired results (Nidhra and Dondeti, 2012). In this regard, the process begins with the creation of test plans. The test plans are effectively prioritized to ensure that the vital elements and function in testing are achieved.
The external interfaces are tested. The external interfaces for different inputs are tested using automated test suits such as the custom prototype applications and N-Units suites. Consequently, there is a load testing phase (Nidhra and Dondeti, 2012). The load testing phase takes the analysis of the behavior at different load levels. The load testing stage ensures that the black box meets the various performance objectives prescribed in the requirements.
The black box is subjected to the stress testing phase. The stress testing phase analyzes to establish different bottlenecks and challenges only visible under extreme load conditions such as the race contentions and conditions (Khan and Khan, 2012). Moreover, the black box is subjected to the security testing phase. At this stage, potential threats and risks are evaluated from the different scenarios. The security testing is implemented through the deployment of the application block in a simulated target environment and makes hacking attempts by exploiting the application blocks’ possible weaknesses.
Finally, the black box is subjected to the perform globalization testing phase. The globalization testing is done to ensure that the black box is integrated with applications targeted toward locales other than the default locale used in deployment operations (Khan and Khan, 2012). The different steps establish if the black box codes are aligned to the functional and non-functional requirements.

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