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MKTG DB 3 300-500 words

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MKTG DB 3 300-500
PrimaryResponse: In the Discussion Board area, write 300–500 words to answer the following questions. This will set the stage for future class discussions. Be specific and give examples to support your points.

Please fill the following for this board:

Given the fierce competition and high revenue generated by vehicles, segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP) is critical in the automotive business. These marketing campaigns cost a lot of money.

This article gives further context for car firms’ STP practices:

How successful automobile manufacturers market to you

Consider this electric automobile brand. Choose a Tesla automobile and debate with your classmates:

Who are their target customers?

The product’s target market is positioned.

Does this positioning ring true with these customers?

Student Reactions: Respond to at least two of your classmates’ Primary Task Responses with a 100-200 word response describing what you found captivating and enlightening. Consider the following questions to help guide your discussion:

What did your classmate’s post teach you? What questions do you have now that you’ve read it?

What clarification do you need?

What distinguishes your posting from those of your classmates?

Please use your text, web resources, and course materials to complete your task.

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First student Crystal

Who are their target customers?

A typical Tesla owner makes over 100K a year and is between the ages of 38 and 54. This makes Tesla less cost-prohibitive, and the purchase more about the features the vehicle provides i.e. an eco-friendly, safe, and stylish luxury vehicle. (Tansel, 2015) The vast majority of Tesla owners are male, however, when it comes to the Model X in particular there is a slightly higher percentage of female owners than seen on other Tesla models. While males still own 71 percent of the Tesla Model X, there is a 3 percent increase in female ownership from the Model S to the Model X at 29 percent . Of course, this makes sense considering that CUV’s tend to have a higher percentage of women owners for all auto companies. (Hedges & Company, 2021) As far as the Model X is concerned its target market is going to be a wealthy family household, that is eco-conscious, concerned about safety in the vehicle, while also maintaining a luxury status feel in their vehicle.

How is this product positioned toward its target market?

Speaking generally, Tesla mainly uses psychographics for most of its marketing. (Tansel, 2015) Tesla’s main stance is that its vehicles both save lives with the self-driving features, as well as lowering the consumer’s carbon footprint and helping the environment. (Tesla, 2021) However, when looking at the Model X they are using behavioral and psychographic segmentation which is geared towards the safety of the consumer’s family, as well as the eco-friendly aspect, and convenience factors. With the Model X sitting in the SUV or CUV category, this affords the Model X that family car title. With seven seats available it has the most room when compared to the compact Tesla versions, and the largest storage capacity at 91 cubic feet there will be plenty of space for groceries, sports equipment, or vacation packing. Speaking of vacation, the Model X’s range beats out the cheaper long-range Model Y by almost 20 miles, which still isn’t quite as far as its compact counterparts, yet it’s still a great range for a family trip. (Tesla, 2021) If a family were only interested in purchasing a Tesla, they would be hard-pressed to purchase anything but the model X.

Does this positioning ring true with these customers?

First and foremost, no matter the model a Tesla customer is interested in the eco-friendly luxury car segment. That is going to be the reason they started looking at Tesla, to begin with. What will set each model apart from the other will be what the customer needs in a vehicle. What are they looking for? What will the vehicle need to do for them on a regular basis? For the Model X, it’s going to check all the boxes for a family in the market for an eco-friendly luxury SUV. It is spacious, giving plenty of room for running errands, grocery shopping, going on vacation, while also keeping everyone in the vehicle safe with its many safety features. It also has seven seats which allow for smaller families to spread out or room for guests to hop in as well.


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Second student Anna

Who are their target customers?

Overall because Tesla is a luxury car brand, most of their vehicles are aimed towards wealthy individuals and households. Tesla products “are considered to be expensive for average consumers” (1). In regard to the Model Y, just like any electric vehicle, it is aimed towards the millennial group. Around 40 percent of millennials are more likely to own an electric car.

The product’s target market is positioned.

The Model Y is positioned toward millennials with the abundant amount of safety features, receiving the IIHS Top Safety Pick + award. It is top rated on crashworthiness and front crash prevention categories. With millennials having the need for speed, the fact that the Model Y is high in safety features, makes it easier for them to be okay with their rate of speed. “Model Y provides maximum versatility- able to carry 7 passengers and their cargo” (1). Having said that, this model allows for their target market to carry around their friends while still leaving excess room for other necessities. The Model Y is referred to as the future of driving, it assists you with “the most burdensome parts of driving” (1), as well as being simple and clean. This model allows an individual to travel distance, being fully electric, it gives you a 330 miles range on a full charge.

Does this positioning ring true with these customers?

In my opinion, I think this positioning resonates with the customers because it is aiming for the younger market, those that are said to be wealthier but can still afford to have a fast and luxurious car. Millennials can relate to the Model Y; it provides a fast and fuel-efficient car while still allowing seven individuals in the car. The Model Y has an abundant amount of safety features which draws in that audience that much more.


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