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How We Can Stop Terrorism

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How We Can Stop Terrorism

I. Introspection.
 Undeniably, terrorism is a threat to the peace in the world. As terrorism thrives in this world where the infringement of human rights, religious and ethnic discrimination, increasing violence, and socio-economic discrimination are very much in practice, it has been successful in disregarding the value of human life, increasing conflicts and presenting severe threats to the liberty and peace in the world at large (Townshend, 2018).
II. Delimitations of the Problem.
• Terrorism denotes to strategic actions where violence or violence threats are utilized to instill fear, get attention for a cause, or force another party to yield to specific demands.
• Is rooted in early political and resistance movements
• The total number of terrorist attacks that occurred internationally in 2018 was 8,584, and it resulted in over 18,700 deaths, and 19,300 injuries
III. Conflicting claims, claimants, identifications, perspective, Bases of Power.
Claimants could be:
• Citizens
• Governments
• Private sector entities
• Businesses
The Perpetrators:
• Organized criminal groups
• Political rivals
• Tourists etc
The victims
• All men, women, and children
IV. Past Trends in the decision and their Conditioning Factors.
(Predisposition and environmental).
a. Enhancement of border controls, e.g., the methodical checks at EU’s external borders on all individuals entering the EU
b. EU-wide legislation on terrorism to stop alien terrorist fighters
c. Cutting the terrorism financing by, for instance, formulation of anti-money laundering legislation
d. Decrease of access to dangerous weapons-firearms directive
e. Prevention of radicalization
V. Future Decisions in Light of Changed and Changing Conditioning Factors.
• Terrorism at both the local and global level, demonstrates every sign of going up
• It is very likely that terrorism in future will progressively focus on manipulating perceptions, whether by non-state actors or hostile states
• The creation of anxiety and fear by terrorists are elements of modern conflict. A major challenge will thus be on how to get better at defeating the enemy while bolstering national institutions.
IV. Appraisal, Alternative and Recommendation of solution in Common Interest.
Overall Strength:
The creation of legislation aimed at controlling both the internal and external borders as well as regulating the ownership of dangerous weapons
Overall Weakness:
Very dynamic, and hence difficult/challenging to control

Townshend, C. (2018). Terrorism. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

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