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Topic: Criminological Theory

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Topic: Criminological Theory
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Criminological theory
Motivation to commit a crime today has increased due to the influence of society. Having the same aspirants in life but getting different opportunities have led to strains mostly in the field of employment that has encouraged criminal activities, high stigmatization of offenders is highly practiced. The uniqueness of this time is that the crimes committed are the white-collar crimes which are committed by those in power. This will increase rampantly since the collaboration between the criminals and those in law is higher due to the increased rate of corruption. Different from the past because those believed to have committed crime were those only affected by rational choices, those going through mental illnesses and hereditary behaviors.
Positivity school of criminology is a school of thought that has tried to look for the scientific causes and measurements of criminal behaviors. The school augured that criminality was due to biological and organic conditions and could be identified through physical defects, for instance, facial expressions and bloodshot eyes (Lilly et al.,2014). Cesare Lombroso was a criminologist in a positive school of criminology that studied the physical causes of criminal behavior through his theory of ‘’born a criminal”
Positivity school could not have been a proved cause of criminality through born a criminal without the classical school of thought. Classical school assumed that criminality was out of a person’s free will or rational thinking that leads to the choice of committing a crime. Criminal can have physical features or a criminal history but that does not affirm to have committed the crime. In a social context, people commit crimes out of their own will be influenced by various factors such as conflict, modernity and global changes.
Finding out why people engage in crime or commit a crime is very important. Theories are still being explored over the years to help reduce and prevent crimes in our society’s. Educating people on how to make the right choices and be aware of the consequences that follow after the choices made is vital. Stigmatization of offenders can be discouraged to reduce the level of crimes from the committed criminals.

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